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Easily stand up pain-free with the Stander CouchCane.

The CouchCane by Stander is the perfect ergonomic stand-assist handle designed for seniors and individuals with mobility challenges. It supports up to 250 lbs and offers adjustable height (34"-40") and depth (20"-36") to fit various furniture. Equipped with a four-pocket saddle bag for convenient storage and rubber base pads to prevent slippage and floor damage, the CouchCane ensures safety and ease of use. 

  • CouchCane's ergonomic handle provides reliable fall prevention for your loved ones.
  • Easily adjustable height and depth fit various furniture, ensuring convenience.
  • The included four-pocket saddle bag keeps essentials within easy reach.
  • Avoid expensive home renovations with CouchCane's affordable stand-assist handle.


Is the CouchCane stable and safe for my loved one?

Yes, it supports up to 250 lbs with a reliable ergonomic handle.

Will the CouchCane fit my furniture?

Absolutely! It has adjustable height and depth for various furniture types.

Is it complicated to assemble?

No, it's easy to assemble with clear instructions provided.

What if we don't like the CouchCane after purchasing?

You have a 14-day return policy.