Stander HandyBar

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Don't struggle to get out of your car, use HandyBar for easy, quick support.

Discover the HandyBar by Stander, a must-have vehicle exit support handle designed for safety and ease. Providing up to 350 pounds of support, its no-slip grip ensures stability for seniors or individuals with limited mobility. This premium car entry aid tool comes equipped with an emergency car window breaker and seat belt cutter, offering peace of mind without the need for vehicle modification. Ideal for enhancing car safety, order your HandyBar mobility aid today.

  • The HandyBar aids your safe entry and exit from vehicles, enhancing mobility.
  • Built-in seat belt cutter and window breaker keep you prepared for any emergency.
  • Easily compatible with vehicles having a U-shaped door striker latch, requiring no modifications.
  • Offers stability and balance supporting up to 350 pounds, ensuring your safety.
Will the HandyBar fit my car's door?

Designed for universal compatibility with vehicles that have a U-shaped door striker latch.

Is the HandyBar difficult to install?

No installation required. It simply works with your vehicle's existing door latch for immediate use.

Can the HandyBar damage my vehicle?

No, it's designed to securely fit without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Is the HandyBar too heavy to carry around?

It's lightweight, designed for easy storage and portability.