Anti Slip Grip Tape

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Protect against slips with our low profile grip tape.

Enhance your mobility and safety with National Ramp's high-quality grip tape. Designed for versatility, our non-slip tape ensures a secure, skid-free surface for wheelchair ramps, stair edges, boats, and RVs.  Our tapes are easy to install with enduring durability, providing comfort and freedom for a diverse range of applications.  Shop now to experience improved slip resistance, and independence!

  • Our grip tape ensures your every step is secure, reducing slip and fall risks.
  • Suitable for ramps, boats, and more, our tape meets diverse needs, enhancing your mobility.
  • Quick to apply, our tape makes improving safety and comfort around your home effortless.
  • Available in the following configurations:
- 2" Anti-Slip Tape Role - 2" X 60'
- 4" Anti-Slip Tape Role - 4" X 60'

Is the installation process complicated?

Installation is simple and quick, requiring no special tools or expertise.

Will the tape damage my surfaces?

Our tape is designed to be safe for surfaces, easy to apply and remove without damage.

Is the grip tape visually intrusive?

The tape is designed to be low-profile while ensuring safety, blending into most environments.

Style: 2" Anti Slip Tape Roll