Stander Assist-A-Tray Swivel TV Tray Table

Sale price$249.99

Don't struggle to stand, use Assist-A-Tray for easy, safe support

Introducing the Assist-A-Tray, the ultimate solution for enhancing your home comfort and safety. This innovative product combines an adjustable bamboo tray table and a sturdy support handle to aid in safely sitting and standing. Perfect for anyone needing extra support, the ergonomic handle supports up to 250 pounds and the swiveling tray comes equipped with a cup holder and utensil compartment for convenience. Its adjustable design ensures compatibility with most chairs and recliners, making it an ideal workstation. Enhance your daily living with the Assist-A-Tray.

  • Enhance your home safety with a sturdy handle aiding in sitting and standing.
  • Enjoy meals and work comfortably from your chair with an adjustable swivel tray.
  • Adjust the tray and handle to your preferred height for maximum comfort.
  • Shop with confidence with our 14-day return policy.
Will the Assist-A-Tray fit my furniture?

Designed to be universally compatible with most four-legged chairs, couches, and recliners.

Is it difficult to assemble the Assist-A-Tray?

The product comes with straightforward instructions for easy assembly.

Can the Assist-A-Tray support my weight?

The ergonomic handle securely supports up to 250 pounds.