Stander EZ Swivel Overbed Table

Sale price$199.99

Don't just lie in bed, transform it with EZ Swivel Overbed Table for easy, quick comfort.

Maximize your comfort and independence with the EZ Swivel Overbed Table. Designed for those spending significant time in bed, this table offers a pivot and rotate 360-degree functionality perfect for eating, working, or leisure. Adjustable in height to suit various bed types and user needs, it comes with a cup holder, tablet holder, and organizer pouch for your convenience. Enhance your bedside experience with a table that promises safety and convenience.

  • Easily enjoy meals, work, or hobbies in bed with our 360-degree rotating table.
  • Maintain your independence safely with our secure, adjustable, and easy-to-use overbed table.
  • Maximize your space with our table's compact design, including a cup and tablet holder.
Is the EZ Swivel Overbed Table difficult to assemble?

No, it comes with easy instructions and can be assembled with minimal tools.

Will the table fit over my adjustable bed?

Yes, it's designed to securely attach to most standard and adjustable beds.

Does the table take up a lot of space?

No, its compact design and rotating tray maximize space efficiently.