Stander BedCane

Sale price$119.00

Don't struggle out of bed, use BedCane for easy, quick support instead.

Enhance your bedroom with the BedCane by Stander, an ergonomic bed assist support handle designed for those needing extra balance and support. Fitting most traditional beds with mattress thicknesses of 6" to 14", the BedCane features a sturdy wooden base and a padded handle for comfort and ease. It includes an organizer pouch for bedside essentials and ensures secure installation with a safety strap to the bed frame. Purchase your bedroom safety support aid now and experience the convenience of the BedCane with organizer pouch.

  • Enhance your stability when entering or exiting the bed, ensuring a safer environment.
  • Keep personal items within reach in the organizer pouch, reducing the need to stretch or strain.
  • Set up is straightforward, with no tools required, making your bed more accessible without hassle.
Will the BedCane work with my adjustable bed?

It is not recommended for adjustable beds due to the designed fit and safety concerns.

Is installation difficult? I'm not very handy.

Installation is easy and quick, requiring no tools, making it very straightforward even if you're not handy.

What if the BedCane doesn't fit my bed?

With an adjustable base, it fits most traditional beds; our 14-day return policy covers fit concerns.

Can the BedCane support my weight?

It has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, offering sturdy support for entering and exiting the bed.